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10 Great Resources for Loft Conversion Design Ideas.

Introduction. An increasing number of homeowners across London and the UK are choosing to extend their existing properties. One of the main reasons is cost. Remember that the cost of moving home includes Estate Agent fees, Stamp Duty, legal fees, removal fees and of course, the cost of buying the house itself! When you consider […]

The Transformative Potential of Virtual Property Tours.

What are Virtual Property tours

Introduction. Virtual Reality, or VR, allows users to experience an immersive 360-degree experience, within a computer-generated 3D simulation. Many people have heard of the technology in relation to gaming, with providers such as Oculus, PlayStation and Google all vying for space in an exciting market. Through a headset, gamers can access a stunning fantasy world, controlling the direction they explore […]

A beginners guide to loft conversions.

Introduction. Lofts and attics can often be forgotten, dusty places – collecting clutter with poor access limiting their use to storage or functional plumbing and heating. They can be some of the most profitable and beautiful living spaces to convert however. A loft conversion can significantly increase the value of your property, so apart from […]

10 things to consider when choosing an architect.

Why invest in a house extension

Introduction. Whether you are thinking of a complete bespoke build, that perfect kitchen extension or just a simple loft conversion – choosing an architect to design your home can be a daunting experience. An architect’s skills, tact and knowledge can make or break any project, so choosing the right person is one of the most […]