7 bathroom design trends for 2022 – and how to achieve your dream look.

Bathroom Design Trends 2022

With so much time spent at home over the past couple of years, homeowners are increasingly focused on improving the look and function of their properties. Whilst living spaces, gardens and home offices were big trends for 2021, now it’s time for bathroom design! 

Consider this.

Bathrooms are one of the hardest working rooms in the house, but a perfect space for injecting comfort and glamour. Afterall, having a beautifully designed, stylish bathroom can vastly improve your life – providing somewhere to rest and relax as well as a functional, family space. 

With this in mind.

Here are our seven most exciting bathroom design trends for 2022, as well as top tips for achieving your dream look. So whether you’re making small upgrades or a full-scale renovation, here’s all the inspiration you need… 

7 stylish bathroom trends for 2022.

1. Organic curves. 

One of the biggest trends to watch for 2022 is organic styling and natural materials, combined with rounded shapes. Whilst clean, bright white spaces will never entirely go out of fashion, this year is all about warmer tones, wood, stone and plenty of fresh air. 

This trend is linked to the desire to create truly welcoming, comfortable interiors. Hard, sharp lines make way for smoothed curves and organic silhouettes. With a greater focus on sustainability, think natural stone worktops, sustainable flooring, round woven baskets and sleekly curved cabinetry. 

2. Japandi.

“Japandi” has been a slowly growing bathroom design trend, combining Japanese and Scandinavian styling. It incorporates the modern minimalism of Scandi-cool with an elegant, timeless Japanese aesthetic. Natural materials, pared-back decorative touches and neutral colour schemes dominate. 

Linked with 2022’s preferences for organic forms, this trend is deeply influenced by the Japanese idea of “wabi-sabi” – appreciating the impermanence and imperfections of nature. Combined with Scandinavian attention to detail and “hygge” cosiness, you’ll have a bathroom you never want to leave. 

If you’re going for a japandi aesthetic, watch out for “shou sugi ban” in 2022, a Japanese wood firing technique perfect for bathrooms. 

3. Biophilic design.

Biophilia refers to the innate human instinct to connect with nature and other living beings – a design trend set to make waves in 2022. Bathrooms, as warm, damp spaces are perfect for plants such as ferns, succulents and ivy. If you don’t have direct sunlight, woods and dried grasses also add that natural touch. 

As part of biophilic design, expect to see green colour schemes continuing for 2022. From rich emerald hues to earthy sage tones and vibrant pops of colour – it’s a wonderful way to create a sense of calm and connection with nature. 

4. Integrated technology.

It will come as no surprise, but with the recent focus on handwashing – homeowners are putting more thoughts into sinks and faucets. As such, smart toilets, touchless taps and tech-savvy shower controls will all be popular in 2022. 

Ventilation upgrades (for instance automated humidity and steam sensing fans) will also prove popular. With the concurrent rise of the internet of things, connected products such as mirrors and scales are likely to make an appearance in the bathroom too. 

5. Universal design

Linking many of these bathroom design trends is an increased focus on functionality and accessibility. With more families embracing inter-generational living, bathroom renovations increasingly address the specific needs of older relatives, young children or disability access. 

Spa-inspired showers with curbless walk-in entry, increased space and handheld shower heads not only give a luxury feel but also embrace universal design. If you can remove barriers and ensure a beautiful bathroom design – what’s not to love? 

6. Statement personalisation. 

2022 is all about making your home your own. Bathrooms are no longer dictated by strict design principles, white walls and identical fixtures and fittings. This year, homeowners are going bolder and braver with statement wallpapers. 

For this trend, think of beautiful art patterns, natural landscapes or animal designs. Bespoke murals, intricate tiling and unique detailing all additionally contribute to the feeling of a fully personalised, spa-like sanctuary. 

7. Super luxe. 

If the sound of patterned tiles and statement artwork is a little over the top, our last trend for 2022 is more pared-back. Homeowners are increasingly opting for “super-luxe” finishes, having saved-up money during lockdowns that would have otherwise been spent on holidays and meals out. 

 As a result, all-over marble, detailed mosaics, minimal framing and low-maintenance granite or quartz countertops (combined with on-trend undermount sinks) are set to make a comeback. 

Important considerations. 

If you’re embarking on your dream bathroom renovation project, a stunning design is just the first stage. From creating a sequence of works to budgeting and understanding the trades required, here’s a few aspects that are easily forgotten: 

  • Budget – first things first, set your budget. This will allow for appropriate design decisions. Don’t forget to factor in the costs of labour and all those little extras too. 
  • Timeframe – from ordering and purchasing tiles to selecting fixtures and fittings, a lot of time goes into bathroom renovations before building has even started. Discuss your timeframe and sequence of works from the beginning, and you’ll avoid lengthy delays. 
  • Professional trades – for a bathroom refit, you may require the help of architects, interior designers, plumbers, tilers, electricians, builders, painters, plasterers and window specialists. Know who you’ll contact, when. 
  • Lighting and electrics – maximize natural light wherever possible, and don’t forget easily overlooked aspects such as bright lights over mirrors, mood-lighting around baths or adding shaving sockets. 
  • Measurements – carefully consider the limitations involved in bathroom projects, for instance the existing size of the room, location of existing pipes and electrical wiring, as well as standard dimensions for bathroom fixtures. 
  • Heating – underfloor heating is increasingly popular and must be factored-in from the very start of a project. Also consider the positioning of heated towel rails and radiators at an early stage. 
  • Sequence of works – there’s no point installing your perfect pearlescent tiling if the electrics still need to go in behind the walls! Your building and architectural team will help you understand installation stages, but these usually are: 
  • First fix – plumbing, heating and electrical requirements 
  • Wall coverings – tiling, painting or boarding 
  • Flooring – laying tiles or other finishes 
  • Fixtures and fittings – installing sanitary ware and fitted furniture 
  • Finishing touches – including mirrors, taps and accessories 

Final thoughts.

With design inspiration and a firm understanding of the work involved, you’ll be well on your way to creating the bathroom of your dreams. To find out how we can help with renovation projects (large or small) get in touch with our expert architectural team today!