Interior Design and Layout Inspiration for Barn Conversions.

A Beginners Guide to Barn Conversions

If you’re searching for your dream barn conversion – or already live in a barn needing an update – you’ve come to the right place. With fascinating history, superb character and dramatic open spaces, it’s not hard to see why barns make such fantastic homes. They’re unique places to live, letting you enjoy the delights […]

A Beginners Guide to Barn Conversions: 10 Steps to a Successful Transformation

A Beginners Guide to Barn Conversions

Barn conversions are some of the most appealing conversion projects out there. With rustic charms, soaring ceilings and large open spaces, it’s not hard to see why. They’re an immensely popular choice for anyone searching for a unique space. Of course, barn conversions take careful thought, plenty of patience and sound design. They aren’t projects […]

Trending interior paints and finishes: how to inject style into any space.

Thinking of sprucing up your home? Whether you’ve recently renovated or are just thinking about a few minor changes, giving your walls, ceilings, or even woodwork a new coat of colour is a quick and easy way of transforming your space. As well as colour, paint finishes and effects dictate the look and feel of […]

Converting Commercial Property into Residential: What you need to know.

Commercial Property Conversion guide

In years gone by, converting a commercial property into residential wasn’t always easy. But in 2015, the law changed – making it far easier to undertake these projects. Further updates to Permitted Development rights came into force in 2021, opening up even more opportunities to create beautiful homes from shops, cafés, offices… you name it! […]

16 common mistakes to avoid when converting your loft.

If you need a bit more room, a loft conversion can seem like the perfect option. It has the potential to transform your home, adding value and extra living space. Loft conversions are also one of the most effective home extension projects… if they’re done right. Look. A loft conversion is a big commitment, and […]

How to choose an exterior colour scheme for your home: expert tips and advice.

House colour guide

If choosing an exterior colour scheme fills you with dread… you’re not alone! There’s no doubt, painting your entire house can feel like a daunting proposition. Whether it’s time, money, or the massive change to home’s appearance, it’s a big task – and one you don’t want to do twice. Luckily though. With a few […]

A complete guide to Garage Extensions: Everything you need to know.

Garage Extension Guide

Contents. What are the benefits of a garage extension? Will a garage extension add value to my property? Do I need planning permission to build a garage extension? What type of garage extension should I build? What else should I consider for a garage extension? Do I need an architect for my garage extension? A […]

Why do you need an architect? Homeowners frequently asked questions explained.

If you’re imagining redesigning your home, maybe dreaming of a beautiful extension, changes to the property you’ve just bought or a complete renovation… you may have also wondered what services an architect provides. Consider this. Whether to employ an architect is one of the most important decisions of any home improvement project. Despite this, many […]

10 Modern Architectural Landmarks: Your London Must-See List.

Modern Architectural Marvels: Your London Must-See List

From the shard to the gherkin, the cheesegrater and the walkie-talkie, these infamous skyscrapers (and their comical nicknames) dominate the city’s iconic skyline. Nonetheless. There’s also so much more to London’s modern architecture than just its legendary skyscrapers and towering office blocks. Whether its train stations, the Tate galleries or tourist information hubs, London’s rich […]

Can I alter or renovate my listed building? Your questions answered…

Can I alter or renovate my listed building?

If you’ve just purchased or are considering moving into a listed building – questions about what you can and can’t change are likely to be a top priority. Introduction. Listed buildings make up some of the UK’s most beautiful, significant and oldest homes. They are wonderful spaces to live in, full of unique character and […]