Trending Kitchen Styles for 2021.

Kitchen trends 2021

The kitchen is the hub of the home and the recent global pandemic has taught people a thing or two about how important and often multi-functional their kitchen needs to be.

A new kitchen is an investment in your property as well as a lifestyle statement, so what’s hot in 2021?  Kitchen design is just as much about the choice of materials and colour as it is about the layout.  Here are some trending kitchen styles to whet your appetite if you are thinking about a new project for your home.

Compact and space saving.

If space is at a premium then choose a compact style where all the hard work has been done for you.  This type of design works well for small square rooms, narrow galley kitchens or what is known as “broken plan” where kitchen and dining are integrated but some elements of the kitchen are effectively disguised from view – all those open plan niggles sorted.


A compact kitchen style majors on maximum efficiency and functionality, reducing clutter whilst creating the appearance of space.  The area is streamlined by building a bank of cabinets along one wall rather than around the entire room with clever use of concealed storage and hidden appliances. Use tall wall units in a galley corridor-style kitchen to make the kitchen feel less cramped and half walls if you are aiming for broken plan.

Small kitchens don’t mean you have to deny yourself that longed for island or breakfast bar, just keep it small!  An open island allows for seating or storage underneath it and makes the best use of a tight space.

If in doubt, wear red!

Red might not be the first colour choice that springs to mind for a kitchen but the colour red is one of the hottest trends for 2021, literally.  The theme this year is bold colour choices but if you shy away from something a bit too pillar box, just remember that there are many softer shades of red.  Choose “Pass The Merlot” which is muted and combines well with cool grey or warm terracotta tones for floor coverings and paintwork.

Dark worktops and surfaces.

Another bold development is the popularity of very dark worktops, an extension really of the love affair with materials like granite.  Black is very much on trend and as well as style, offers huge practical advantages for the messy cook compared to the 20th century fashion of white or pale work surfaces.

In addition.

Black worktops are a bold decision offering an elegant and luxury style.  They can be softened with light or white cabinetry so there is no need to be afraid of the dark.  As a style choice, very dark or black materials work well in an open plan, minimalist kitchen with an urban vibe.

Formation dancing.

Tiles retain their enduring popularity and whilst Metro tiles are still right up there as best sellers, what is changing is how they are arranged. 

Step ladder effects are right on trend or why not choose a herringbone pattern?  These designs create interest and style without overpowering other elements of the kitchen design or detracting from the tiles themselves. It also means you can stick with one colour choice, ideal in a compact kitchen where multiple colours or patterns would be too busy for a small space.

Minimalist and streamlined.

Even if you have a large space, the fashion is to create a minimalist and contemporary feel in the kitchen with clean lines and zero clutter.  This is achieved with a strong design statement and quality materials.


Colour choices are key and the trend towards dark worktops places a major role in this styling. This is all about hidden storage and disguised appliances to create a calm, restful room which can double up as an area to socialise and entertain and even a home office.

Two-tone kitchens.

Forget the ‘matchy matchy’ look, what is on trend now is a softer two-tone style which is more blended and offers a seamless mix of colours and materials.

Choose dark worktops and then blend with paler shades either using wall colour or tiles to add an interesting design aesthetic.  This use of two-tone is particularly effective in a small space where one colour looks “blocky” and flat. 

A second colour adds depth and character but two-tone goes beyond mere colour.  Play around with wood finishes such as matt grains or contrast with sleek laminates. This juxtaposition creates interest and diversity and makes your kitchen style unique.

Green is the new navy.

Navy has been a smart and popular choice for kitchen design but is now making way for green, think emerald or a softer sage.  Green is nature’s colour and is calming or can be bold and vibrant depending on the shade.

Use green for tiles and experiment with the pattern or go bolder and opt for cabinetry in a dramatic olive or deep emerald.  Using other colours with green is really important so it doesn’t dominate and this also welcomes the two-tone concept. 

Add soft metallics and smoky glass to create opulence and luxury. Brass and white marble can help move light around the space with the use of thoughtful lighting styles so that the green doesn’t dominate.

Open plan living.

Open plan kitchen designs which blend seamlessly into the living area have never been more popular particularly with the 21st century lifestyle changes highlighted by the global pandemic.

Kitchens and living areas have become multi-functional and are now meeting rooms, study areas and home offices as well as a place to prepare food and dine. The trend has filtered through into kitchen design with fittings and accessories reflecting a more ‘living room’ feel. This development is particularly apparent in lighting trends which are moving away from features overhead spots to something softer.

Dining islands are also a new combi-feature which brings the living area into the kitchen, integrated dining with the benefit of in island for extra cooking space when you need it.

The rawest of raw materials.

Design aesthetics are all about the use of natural materials with the 21st century emphasis on an eco-friendly provenance to create an urban or industrial design.  Metal frames are growing in popularity plus metal finishing and the concrete look.  Metal framing is a great look for open shelving and the emphasis on metal continues with the use of brass for taps and cabinet handles and even table legs or a spindle island.

Final thoughts.

If you think about it, kitchen designs haven’t really changed that much over the decades but what has altered is the use of materials, colour and purpose.  These days, there has never been so much focus on the kitchen as the centre of the home. 

The traditional kitchen style is still with us but the use of metal and concrete, two-tone colour, bold fresh statement colours like green and red and uber-sleek minimalist styling are definitely the new kids on the kitchen design block for 2021.

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