Trending interior paints and finishes: how to inject style into any space.

Thinking of sprucing up your home?

Whether you’ve recently renovated or are just thinking about a few minor changes, giving your walls, ceilings, or even woodwork a new coat of colour is a quick and easy way of transforming your space.

As well as colour, paint finishes and effects dictate the look and feel of any room.

The shades and textures we live with have an enormous effect on our emotions and well-being. After all, this is where we want to feel most comfortable, safe, and content.

We take a look at the 10 hottest Interior Paint Trends for paint colours and finishes that are all set to stay for the year ahead.

1. New neutrals

Neutrals are an interior paint trend that will never go away…

There’s always an excellent shade of off-whites, warm beiges, and luscious creams that create a relaxed and calm atmosphere. They’re also a great backdrop for celebrating other pops of colour, such as a bright sofa, artwork or side tables.

Because neutrals point towards clean lines and a simplified approach, they pair well with matte finishes. 

In terms of accents.

It’s up to you whether you go colourful (for instance, highlighting skirting boards and doors in a bright tone) or keep the natural, neutral theme flowing.

2. Working with nature

This year, taking inspiration from nature was big.

After two years of global uncertainty and staying inside our homes, it’s all about creating connections with the natural world and rural landscapes.

Gentle green and earthy brown tones in kitchens, peachy tans in living rooms, and even sunny yellows to decorate hallways and bedrooms were all popular. 

Sticking with the natural theme, flat and matte finishes work best paired with sustainable and locally sourced materials.

3. Green is the new grey

Green has definitely been the stand-out tone of 2022. It’s synonymous with nature and serenity and creates a balanced, contented feel. Because green encourages contemplation, it’s also a smart choice for home offices.

What’s more.

There are so many shades to choose from. Calming, chalky greens are trendy at the lighter end of the spectrum. Conversely, going for lush forest greens to create an opulent, rich effect was a key trend.

With darker shades, eggshell or satin finishes are particularly striking. For paler tones, flat and matte are definitely the way to go.

4. Cocooning “colour drenching”

As the name suggests, this trend was all about drenching rooms in a single shade. That’s walls, skirting boards, ceilings, even furniture… you name it.

It’s a stylish idea that creates a contemporary, uncluttered feel. It also makes rooms feel larger as your eyes travel around the monochromatic space.

If you’re going for this effect, a mid-strength shade (with a matte finish) helps keep things not too overwhelming. Daytime living spaces, like lounges and kitchens, are the best rooms to try it out.

5. Colour blocking for strong personality

Colour blocking is different interior paint trend from colour drenching – in that it uses two (or more) layered tones to create a bold visual effect.

You could go for vibrant shades contrasted with geometric prints. A contrasting colour (covering an entire wall and ceiling area) is also a fantastic way to separate spaces. For instance, a study space within a lounge.

Alongside brighter colours, you could also consider contrasting matte and gloss finishes, and the textures of your furnishings. In fact, Farrow & Ball championed gloss highlights as one of their key trends for the year.

6. Calming ocean-inspired palettes

This was a big trend for 2022. 

Ocean tones offer escape from our busy everyday lives. As well as their calming nature, they’re also energising – reminiscent of deep seas and tropical skies.

It’s up to you which ocean tones you go for. Combine trends with dark blue colour drenching, or go for a crisp contrast of whites and vibrant teals. Darker blues pair well with soft, low lighting, while lighter, brighter shades are great for sunny rooms.

Blue was such a big paint trend for 2022 that Dulux even named their uplifting “Bright Skies” colour of the year. Creating the feel of a summery, optimistic sky, it’s not hard to see why.

7. Monochrome contrasts

Black is back.

Now, this isn’t a paint trend for everyone – but if you’re searching for a bold, modern effect, look no further. Last year saw homeowners getting much more experimental with their colour choices… and black is the ultimate statement shade.

Because black is such an intense, deep colour, it pairs well with many other shades. To keep things simple and striking, opt for contrasting white tones. Finishing touches like pale linens, white artwork, or light wood are ideal.

These monochrome contrasts work particularly well in bathrooms.

Most people opt for matte black (as opposed to gloss finishes) due to its warmer, more inviting feel. But if you’re going white with touches of black, gloss paint on doors, skirting, and kitchen units can introduce this dark colour in stylish and surprising ways.

8. Modern pastels

If natural neutrals aren’t for you… 2022’s trend for bubble-gum pastels creates a luxurious yet youthful atmosphere. Indeed, pastel tones were super trendy, paired with a colour-blocking approach.

Think deep teals, gentle lavenders and lilacs, luscious yellows, and muted pinks.

Blushing pink pastels reinvigorate a space, creating a soft and intimate backdrop for any room. Lilac is also a wonderfully unusual choice: a modern update on classic greys.

If you’re going for earthier, warmer tones, matt pigments give an elegant finish. On the other hand, gloss and satin finishes make popping pastels sing.

9. Warmer, saturated tones

In recent years, the 1970s aesthetic has returned in a big way.

If you think about this decade, it’s all about warm, highly saturated tones. Think tans, browns, deep greens, and oranges. They’re great for kitchens and cosy living rooms.

These colours create a sense of comfort and intimacy, linking with trends towards cocooning, safe spaces. If you fancy something a little different, go for rich, welcoming red-brown tones. An eggshell finish will give a classy, subtle sheen that’s ideal for kitchens.

10. Textural washes and blends

Last but not least in our round-up of this year’s paint trends is textural washes.

This isn’t so much about colour – but the overall finish.

Limewash provides a natural, lived-in feel to a room (similar to old plaster and stone), which works best with lighter, warmer shades.

To get the effect, apply a thinner layer of topcoat (mixed with glaze) over a base colour. For a softly textured look, smooth any brush marks or stipples with rags or sponges.

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