10 Great Resources for Loft Conversion Design Ideas.


An increasing number of homeowners across London and the UK are choosing to extend their existing properties. One of the main reasons is cost. Remember that the cost of moving home includes Estate Agent fees, Stamp Duty, legal fees, removal fees and of course, the cost of buying the house itself!

When you consider these costs, it is far more cost-effective to extend your existing property then to make the huge financial commitment of moving to a new home.


Moving home can also be very stressful. In most cases, if you are having your loft converted, or if you are extending your house, then you will not be required to move out during the construction stage.

Looking for inspirational ideas for your loft conversion?

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to increase the amount of space in your home is to have a loft conversion. Check out our beginner’s guide to loft conversions that contains a list of considerations and other helpful information.

Converting a loft is one thing, but deciding how you wish to use this newly found space is another. To help you get started, we’ve created a list of helpful online resources that include many different design ideas that will inspire you.

1. PinterestLoft conversion ideas.

Pinterest is the go-to website for all types of property images and its selection of loft conversion images is no exception.  The above page contains thousands of images for you to take inspiration from. Once you’ve shortlisted your ideas and colour schemes, you can use the search bar to refine your list of pins.

2. Google image search – Loft conversion ideas.

Many people overlook Google image search, but it’s probably the best tool that you can use to find hundreds of loft conversion ideas on a single page. After all, all these images are being taken from the websites that you find in Googles search results pages, so why not go straight to the images themselves?

3 House and Garden – Loft conversion ideas.

This article from house and garden contains numerous loft conversion ideas that have been taken from some of the worlds most stylish homes. There are some truly stunning examples in this article that you will be able to take inspiration from.

4. Livingetc – Loft conversion ideas.

Livingetc is a great online resource for interior design ideas and inspiration. The above article presents 24 stylish loft conversion ideas that will get your bran cells working! 

5 Grand designs – Loft conversion design ideas to maximise space and light.

As you’d expect from Grand Designs, this article contains some fantastic loft conversion ideas, in addition to some helpful hints and tips for increasing light and space in your loft.

6. Ideal home –  How to create extra rooms in your attic space.

This article contains some very helpful information to consider before committing to having your loft converted, in addition to some stunning images and design ideas, including different types of rooms that you can convert your loft into.

7. WhichLoft conversion ideas.

This article on Which Online contains a gallery of inspirational loft conversion ideas, in addition to some helpful design tips and tricks to get the most form your loft space.

8. Homify Clever and stylish ideas for loft conversions.

This article on Homify.co.uk includes some helpful advice and considerations about loft conversions and different types of loft conversions. It also provides some very helpful styling tips. 

9. Homebuilding & Renovating – Loft conversion ideas: clever solutions for your home.

This insightful article by Natasha Brinsmead contains many inspirational ideas about how to get the best use from your loft space. The images and suggestions in this article will get your creative juices flowing. I particularly like the idea of installing a bar in your loft! 

10. Bidvine – Top Loft conversion ideas that will transform your attic.

This article on Bidvine contains a list of loft conversion and storage ideas they have collected from across the web. There are some excellent images on this article that inspire ideas for making the most of small loft space and how to make the most of your storage space.

Thanks for reading our article!

We hope that the above resources will inspire you to invest in a loft conversion and get the most from your loft space.

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