Low Maintenance Garden Design Ideas. 10 Awesome Resources.


As we move further into the year and the weather continues to improve, many of us are starting to spend more time out in the garden. If your garden is looking tired and overgrown, then you may be starting to think about giving your outdoor space a new lease of life.

Although an English Garden looks stunning in full bloom, the truth is that many of us don’t have the time to maintain our gardens to a high standard. In this case, the sensible option is to design a low maintenance garden that still looks beautiful but requires minimal upkeep.

Here’s 10 great resources for low maintenance garden ideas.

If you’re thinking about creating a low maintenance garden space, then the following websites contain hundreds of amazing landscaping ideas that will help you take the first step towards transforming your existing garden space. Check them out below!

Low maintenance garden ideas - 1

1. Homify – 12 low-maintenance garden ideas that actually look amazing.

Homify delivers again with a fantastic article that contains 12 examples of real-world low maintenance garden designs that will spark your creative brain cells into life. Design ideas include creating an outdoor living space, reducing maintenance by scaling back the lawn and introducing perennials.

Low maintenance garden ideas - 2

2. Country Living – 17 Landscaping Ideas For A Low-Maintenance Yard.

This article from Countrywide living contains an image gallery of 17 landscaping ideas that will help you spend less time maintaining your garden and more time enjoying it.  The images in this article aren’t fantastic, but it more than makes up for this by providing you with a list of practical ideas such as spring proofing the yard and using crushed stone in beds.

Low maintenance garden ideas - 3

3. Pinterest – Low maintenance garden designs.

Pinterest is the ultimate image resource for low maintenance garden design ideas. The link above takes you to the search results page for “low maintenance garden designs” that contains hundreds of amazing real-world images that you can use to inspire your own design.  Be warned, looking through these images can be time consuming, so if the weather’s nice, pour yourself a nice drink and take your iPad out into the garden!  

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4. House Beautiful – Low maintenance garden ideas for year-round wow factor.

This informative article from house Beautiful is light on inspiring imagery, but it contains a list of excellent ideas to reduce your maintenance whilst ensuring your garden still looks the part. The article is nicely categorised into golden rules, perfect plants, seasonal changes and affordable updates, keeping the upkeep down, big mistakes to avoid and luxury wows. 

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5. Houzz – Low maintenance garden ideas and photos.

NOTE: You’ll also find EV Architects on Houzz here.

As you’d expect from a website that contains architects portfolios, you’ll find hundreds of beautiful low maintenance garden photos taking from projects of all types and sizes. The broad range of stunning examples on this page includes terrace gardens, courtyards, small scandi patios and outdoor living areas. Also, check out this article from Lauren Dunec Hoang that provides some excellent guidance for designing a low maintenance garden.

Low maintenance garden ideas - 6

6. Google search – low maintenance garden designs.

Why troll your way through the Google search results when you can just do an image search and get all the best images on one page? Click on the link above to find thousands of amazing low maintenance garden design ideas from across the web.

Low maintenance garden ideas - 7

7. My landscapes – modern designs for low maintenance gardens.

This fantastic Blog entry from Amir Schlezinger contains some lovely images of low maintenance garden designs, along with some helpful tips and expert advice.  The article contains image frameworks of soft and hard landscaping, outdoor trends and seating areas.  Aside from the above Blog post, it is worth checking out the huge portfolio of stunning garden designs that you’ll find throughout the website, many of which are low maintenance.

Low maintenance garden ideas - 8

8. Homes to love – 12 guidelines for low-maintenance gardening

This article on the Australian website Homes to Love provides 12 ideas from low-maintenance gardens for you to embrace.  These ideas are complimented by some lovely image examples of contemporary styles, built in furniture, pathways, decking and much more.

Low maintenance garden ideas - 9

9. Aviondale design – 9 Easy Tips on Garden Design Ideas Low Maintenance

Although this 4-minute read focuses on tips for low maintenance garden design ideas, it also contains some excellent reference images that will inspire you to transform your garden. Ideas included in this article include adding a waterfall and using shrubs instead of beds. They also suggest considering planting Cactus, which are the ultimate low maintenance plant! 

Low maintenance garden ideas - 10

10. Bing image trending – low maintenance garden designs.

Finally, Bings image trending search results often returns many images that you won’t find on Google (and vice versa). For the results page above, we simply searched for low maintenance garden designs which returned a stunning selection of images for you to take inspiration from. Simply click on a picture to view the image within a gallery that all subsequent images can be viewed from. 

We hope that we’ve inspired you to make a change!

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